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Susan Morning is a fifth generation Californian, who grew up spending time between her family’s ranch in Northern California and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since Susan was a teenager, she has had a camera in her hand. She took her first formal photography class just before graduating from the University of Nevada, and has never looked back. Susan quickly made the transition from being a Lake Tahoe based ski photographer to one who was recognized internationally.

Susan took some time off from her profession to become a wife and mother. But, it wasn’t long before her children were skiing for the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team and Susan eagerly resumed her career. Shortly thereafter, Susan became the staff photographer for the Mammoth Times newspaper where she spent the next 12 years documenting the news, sports, events, and lifestyle of the Eastern Sierra. Her photos have also been used by an impressive list of corporations and publications including Associated Press (AP), Los Angeles Times, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Miramar Associates, Nike, Ski Racing Magazine, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, and the U.S. Olympic Committee. Today, Susan photographs weddings, events and lifestyle compositions with the same approach and style developed though her years as a photojournalist. “It’s all about capturing the once in a lifetime moment that will become a cherished photo, preserving a memory for generations to come,” reflects Susan.

Susan, an award-winning photographer is known for her ability to capture the entire story of a wedding, event or photojournalistic essay showcasing details that might often be overlooked by other photographers. Susan gives back freely to the Mammoth Lakes community having donated time and photographic images to groups such as Disabled Sports of the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Hospital and Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation.

Susan lives in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. with her husband Jimmy and their family.